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Power Converter Software Engineer

PORTIC - Porto Research, Technology & Innovation Center, Rua Arquitecto Lobão Vital, Porto, Portugal

About the Role

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Minimum Qualification:

  • MSc Eng. on electrotechnical and computer engineering, Power electronics, or related field.

  • Industrial and/or academic experience developing and delivering power converter prototypes with exposure to innovation.

Software Skills Required:

  • Modelling support tools such as: MathWorks Matlab, MathWorks Simulink, Ansys Twin Build, and similar alternatives.

  • MCU IDE’s such as: DAVE, STM32Cube, Arduino, and similar alternatives.

  • C/C++ programming

  • Experienced in SW release management (Git or similar).

Key Value Drivers:

  • Team player with a focus on growth, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.

  • Result-oriented, efficient, and adaptable to change.

  • Creative, open-minded, and solution-oriented mindset.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Strong analytical skills to identify and explain critical issues.

  • High energy, drive for innovation, and ability to inspire and motivate others.

About the Company

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